Climate Controlled

Climate Controlled storage

No matter if you are storing a grand piano or a local representative of a business, our specialized climate controlled units are suited to all your needs. If you decide you need climate controlled, we provide you with 365 days of access a year, clean, individually lighted units where you supply your own lock on the roll-up door. Feel the comfort of extra security, when only you have the key to access the door of the hallway to your storage unit. Your valuables will be protected by warm heat in the winter and cool air conditioning in the summer.


Space Features includes:

1st Floor, 10 ft. ceilings, 3 ft. 8 inch Roll-up door


Pricing per Month

8x10 $139.00 1.5-2 Rooms Furniture
10x10 $158.00 2-3 Rooms of Furniture
10x15 $180.00 4-5 Rooms of Furniture
10x20 $249.00 6 Rooms of Furniture
16x24 $420.00 10 Room House or More